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The Smile Doctor vision

To bring exceptional dentistry
Cosmetic, functional and long lasting
To the people of the Northern Beaches
In a comfortable, convenient environment
And guarantee it for 10 years

Why Pick Us

We want to help our patients keep or regain their dental health long term, eliminating need for constant treatment every year of more dental problems for the same patients.
This is done by doing dentistry at its best, planning long term, rather than cheap patch ups and corner cutting.
Effectively, we want to “put ourselves out of business” with each patient, relying on recommendation of new patients from happy customers to survive. We have been doing that for over 20 years now.

And we have to make it comfortable and easy to get treatment.

You’ll like us if
You want truly beautiful, natural cosmetic dentistry
You want your teeth to last a lifetime
You want your children to have with a great dental headstart
You are sick of things falling apart
You are scared of the dentist

Looking for Quality, Security and Value ? Come visit the Most trusted Dental Clinic in Mona Vale

We are committed to quality care
Yes you’ll pay a bit more for the extra effort and skill required
But it will be planned and done properly the first time.
No shortcuts, cheap materials or overseas laboratories
Most modern technology, equipment
Purpose designed premises for comfort, function & sterility
State of the art sterilisation protocols
Keep past problems at bay with our “teeth for life program”
All backed up by our 100% smile guarantee.

We make it easy, pain free & comfortable
Level access parking at the front door
After hours & weekend appointments available on request
Painless injections that work
Every form of sedation available
Flight mode entertainment & comfort while in treatment

Your 10 year, 100% smile guarantee

What it offers
If you don’t like what it looks like, we’ll do it again for free.
We replace any of our work that breaks within 10 years.

What are our conditions
We cannot guarantee treatment not recommended to last.
You will need to tell us within 3 months if you are dissatisfied.
You’ll need to follow our recommendations for care and wearing protective devices
Treatment failing due to decay and gum disease will not be covered.
Although the control of these disease processes rests with your home care, habits and diet, of course we’ll do our very assist you to prevent them.

Your First Visit

Not a normal dentist

For many people, a visit to the dentist is a check, clean and maybe a filling.
We don’t like to do that.. it leads to poor dental health.

So we start with a journey of discovery

We need to understand you and what you really want .
Then can we gather our records. A clinical exam, digital X rays, digital scanning, photographs of your teeth, full arch radiographs, computerised joint records, bite and cancer screening, salivary analysis and a smile assessment and teeth charting.

Co diagnosis – so you can choose what’s right for you

It’s now time to review your situation and all your options.
It’s not the dentists mouth, it’s yours. Your needs are paramount, not his opinion.
Our goal is for you to understand the issues and your choices, and we’ll use computer images and demonstration models to assist. Options, costs and risks of treatment need to be balanced against benefits until a clear choice can be made that suits you best.
Some people still like to just leave it up to us, and that’s fine, but we prefer you to understand why we made our final recommendations.

Still unsure ? It costs nothing to ask more questions

We don’t want to start until you’re 100% happy with your treatment and us.
We allow further consultations to discuss your treatment plan.
You’ll get your final choice as a written, costed treatment plan.

Your privacy

You can have confidence in our confidentiality too.

The Smile Doctor takes privacy very seriously.
We respect patient’s needs for total confidence in their dentist and his entire team to be able reveal personal information that may be critical to treatment.
So at the practice we do everything we can to prevent your records from going outside the practice.

  • Staff sign a confidentiality agreement that goes beyond the time of their employment.
  • Staff are briefed strictly not to discuss patients personal matters outside the practice.
  • Computer security is of the highest standards to protect your digital records.
  • Any paper or “hard copy” records are security shredded before disposal.

We take your privacy so seriously, we refuse to use HICAPS until they remove sections of their agreement that violate all our patients’ privacy, not just HICAPS users.

Our team

Dr. Malcolm Cooke

After graduating from the University of Sydney, Dr. Cooke spent a year working in Neutral Bay and Umina in emergency work, before moving to the UK to work for a year.

When he returned to Australia he began to work in a Mona Vale practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1984. In 2004, Dr. Cooke purchased the practice and began fulfilling his dream to create a dental practice of excellence on the Northern Beaches. This came with its challenges, as many patients believed that the best dentists were located in the city area.

To create the world-class practice from the ground up, he sold off his Bungan Beach house, and built a team of caring people dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Cooke feels very fortunate to have realised his professional goals right here on the Northern Beaches but it’s an ongoing task.

Dr. Cooke also completed a post-graduate diploma in dental implants and has been trained in every cosmetic procedure available today.

Outside work Dr. Cooke is blessed with two spirited and rather noisy teenage boys. He enjoys winding down with a surf at the local beaches and has a darker affliction for speed and small fast cars.

In 2006, Dr. Cooke was asked to work with the NS branch of the National Dental Foundation, a national charity that provides treatment for drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients outside the bounds of the limited public dentistry available. Dr. Cooke finds it fulfilling to be able to make a difference to people trying to reclaim and rebuild their lives. Dr. Cooke and his colleagues have been able to donate over $2,000,000 in dental care since then.

Dr. Cooke is dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care and doing things better for his patients every year.

Dr. Michael Salloum

Michael completed his Bachelor of Medical Science at Sydney University followed by 4 years in Melbourne doing his Doctor of Dental Surgery which he completed in 2014. He has been practicing as a private dentist in Sydney at various practices and has a reputation of being a friendly and technically skilled dentist. Michael comes with all the same skillsets as Malcolm, and introduced his expertise in antiwrinkle therapy to Smile Doctor, used for relieving TMD, jaw tension, headaches and for cosmetic purposes.

As a proud resident of the Northern Beaches, his greatest joy comes from spending his days off at any of the local beaches with his young son and daughter. He’s deeply passionate about health and fitness and especially about football (soccer), particularly when it comes to discussing his beloved team, Arsenal.

His philosophy is to prioritise your long-term dental well-being, aiming to eliminate the cycle of yearly treatments for recurring dental issues. He focuses on comprehensive, patient focused, top-tier dentistry rather than quick, compromised fixes.

Roza Batrounian, Oral Health Therapist

Roza is an oral health therapist who plays a vital role in your dental care journey at Smile Doctor. Roza graduated University of Sydney in 2015 with a Bachelor of Oral Health. An Oral Health Therapist is a specialised professional with a dual qualification in dental hygiene and dental therapy. In the process of educating patients about their oral health, Roza is proficient in addressing a range of dental needs. This includes treating gum infections, performing dental fillings, applying preventive sealants and even extractions for deciduous (baby) teeth.

Initially in as maternity cover for Stella, she was a hit with patients and staff. Roza is here not just to care for your smile but to empower you with the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy, vibrant mouth for years to come.

Stella Bassos, Dental Hygienist

One of our valued team members is Stella Bassos, who works as a dental hygienist at Smile Doctor. Stella moved from the western suburbs of Sydney to the Northern Beaches at the tender age of 16, and put herself through the University of Newcastle to complete a Bachelor of Oral Health. She came out with a determination to succeed.

Stella decided to become part of the Smile Doctor team because it was a well established preventative dental practice with strong core philosophies of high quality care and guarantees for their work. She now sees herself as part of a team that strives to provide better care every year for their patients. Stella thrives in the dynamic team environment and enjoys overcoming challenges. Stella and her team have developed close and caring relationships with the practice’s patients. She says, “You know you’re onto something good when going to work makes you smile everyday!”


smiledoctor dental clinic in mona vale

Our practice is powered by a dedicated support team consisting of skilled dental assistants and reception staff who play a pivotal role in our operations. They possess the competence, experience, and unwavering dedication needed to ensure your care. While they embrace the responsibility entrusted to them, their primary source of fulfilment stems from taking pride in the work we do here. Their expertise is indispensable, as our clinicians rely on their support to maintain the focus and precision required in their work.


We’re located in the heart of the Northern Beaches. If you’re looking for a dentist in Mona Vale, Avalon, Elanora Heights, Ingleside , Narrabeen, Newport and Warriewood you can view more information about our practices here.
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