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Dental Implants

Dental implants are today’s best alternative to natural teeth because they are permanent, they do not move, they only take up the space of the tooth/teeth you are replacing and you can bite as hard as you would with normal teeth.

At Smile Doctor Mona Vale we provide high quality implant dentistry to create beautiful, natural-looking, confident smiles. Our dental implants are permanent, non-removable teeth replacements. We can replace any number of teeth from one to all teeth. We can also remove old, loose and unstable dentures and replace them with our denture implants. These procedures can often be carried out on the same day.

Dental implants are suitable for all ages and can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Successful dental implants become fully ‘integrated’ with your body and function perfectly with your other teeth.

At Smile Doctor our implant procedures are less painful than a tooth extraction and our surgeon carefully plans your implant procedure before the actual surgery and placement to ensure implant success.

What are implants?

Implants replace the root part of the tooth. They are made up of different parts. The first is a titanium screw with internal and external fitting surfaces that are treated to allow your jaw bone the grow around the screw. This healing process is called osseo integration and it ensures that your implants are able to be permanent. We then top the implant with a denture to create a natural-looking tooth. We use a range of implant brands so that we can find the one that suits you.

What are the risks?

As implant dentistry requires surgery, it comes with common surgery risks such as infection, post operative pain and trauma. There is also the risk of damage to the anatomical structure or the implant can fail to integrate with the body. Your choice of implant surgeon is critical. Even the best surgeons worldwide get failures but experienced and skilled ones have drastically better outcomes.

How we minimise the risks

  • Skill & experience
    Smile Doctor’s dentist Dr. Cooke began his training in implants since 1996. In 2003 he was selected to advance his skills with Australia’s only university based qualification in implants in. The Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) was a 2 year dedicated program but the learning training is ongoing,
  • Guided surgery
    Three dimensional radiographs and three dimensional visual scanning are linked so that implant placement is planned issues are discovered before surgery, not during. Special drilling guides are used to ensure accuracy of placement and a smoother surgical procedure, which translates into less pain for you.
  • Careful and gentle surgical technique
    This is carried out as a full hospital standard sterile protocol with everyone in surgical clothes including you!
  • Your implant choice
    We select your implant based on proven quality & reliability, rather than cost. Studies have shown this choice alone reduces failures by a factor of 6.
  • The little things
    Medications are issued to reduce post operative pain and complications, not just pain killers and antibiotics. We encourage use of sedation to make the procedure easier for you. We are available 24/7 after your surgery.
  • A high quality tooth connected to your implant
    So you have your new tooth. Now how long is it going to last? 1 year or 30? Quality of the materials, fit of the connection to your implant and design all contribute to the longevity, success and comfort and cosmetic appearance. This needs to be worked out before the implant was placed…so look back to guided surgery. We start with the end in mind.
  • Caring for your implant
    We have a dedicated maintenance program to ensure nothing goes wrong due to lack of care or skill on your behalf at home.

The benefits of implants

Most of our patients “forget” about their implant. It is so natural it just feels like one of theirs. You will be able to chew all food types and have increased confidence in all social environments without the fear that your dentures will fall out. Your speech will improve as firm teeth allow it to be sharper and crisper. You can smile knowing you have a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

All of the benefits of permanent implants result in over all confidence improvement and a better quality of life. At Smile Doctor we know you are after more than just a new set of teeth.


Single tooth implants

Single tooth implants are advanced dental solutions for replacing a missing tooth. Utilising a titanium implant fixture surgically placed into the jawbone, they mimic the natural tooth root. After integration with the bone, an abutment is attached to support a custom-made dental crown, blending seamlessly with the rest of the smile. This procedure offers a durable, natural-looking, and long-term solution for single tooth replacement, restoring both function and aesthetics.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an excellent low cost alternative for people wanting to stabilise their loose or uncomfortable dentures.

They can also be placed in narrow arches and offer simplified treatment alternatives to conventional full size implants.

Implants can be fitted and a lower denture stabilised in a same day procedure.


Complete Replacement

Replacing dentures

Patients who are missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws now can have a new lease on life.

After prior diagnostic studies and planning, we can replace your loose, unstable removable denture with a variety of totally solid teeth that are anchored in place by implants embedded in your jaw bone.

The benefits are many and the changes dramatic.

Full lip contour and without wrinkles can be established

You can chew all food types without fear. Yes, all!

You will have total confidence in all social environments, with no fear your teeth will fall out.

Your speech will improve, be sharper and crisper because the teeth are firm.

All these things result in more confidence, a better quality of life at a deep and personal level, so you get so much more than a new set of teeth!

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