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Leading Invisalign Treatment In Warriewood

People all over the world, throughout the last few decades, have had the unfortunate experience of braces. While many people walk away with bright, healthy, and well-aligned smiles, many simply regret ever having to deal with clunky braces in the first place. But now, an increasingly popular alternative to classic metal braces is Invisalign.

For anyone looking into Invisalign in Warriewood can come to Smile Doctor for all the help and information they could ever need. The Invisalign dental procedure has skyrocketed in popularity, as it provides the benefits of braces without the obnoxious metal mouth pieces. The idea of straightening teeth without braces would seem incomprehensible to anyone just a few years ago, but with this evolution of teeth straightening, Newport has seen an increase in beautiful, happy smiles.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a technological advancement that lets a computer properly, and carefully, map out the exact shape and size of your teeth. From this computer model, it then creates Invisalign braces that fit right over the top of your teeth. Over time, the adjustments usually provided by heavy and uncomfortable metal braces will instead be performed by a virtually clear “cover” for your teeth. This alternative method is lighter, less visible, and far more comfortable than its classic counterpart.

Every few weeks, using the computer technology, you will receive a new overlay for your teeth to continue re-alignment without the aggressive tightening of metal braces. The overlays will gently coax your teeth into their correct positions, with little discomfort, in anywhere from 6 to 18 months, typically.

At the thought of invisible braces in Warriewood would have balked only a short while ago. Now, though, they are a popular and typically better option than classic braces, as they cause less damage to your mouth.

The technology is not without its limitations – certain misalignments in the teeth and jaw cannot yet be corrected with these clear and pain-free braces, and in those cases, traditional orthodontics may be needed.

However, dentists tend to recommend Invisalign in any case possible. It is a far less conspicuous and less damaging method of altering the alignment of the teeth, and also does not damage the self-esteem as much, either. They also tend to work faster than braces, so you will not need them in place as long.

Need Invisalign Treatment You Can Trust?

Invisalign is an overall better option for your teeth and gums, and Smile Doctor is an overall better option for your wallet and peace of mind.

We have worked with the Invisalign program for a number of years, and we always recommend them in cases where it could be beneficial. We understand the procedure and exactly how to help your smile become better with as little pain and discomfort as possible, and we do that with Invisalign.

Clients who have undertaken our Invisalign procedure in the past have walked away content and with straighter, brighter smiles than before. For more information about our Invisalign procedures or to book an appointment, contact us today!

Proudly Serving Warriewood

Warriewood is a suburb in northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Warriewood is located 26 kilometres north of the Sydney Central Business District. Warriewood takes its name from the Warriewood Estate that was subdivided in 1906 by Henry F. Halloran, who had purchased it from the McPherson family. Warriewood Square (previously known as Centro Warriewood) is a medium-size shopping centre in the southern part of the suburb. There is also a cinema complex, industrial area, a mini putt-putt golf and a McDonald’s restaurant in the suburb. Warriewood has a Catholic high school, Mater Maria Catholic College. Smile Doctor has been serving the Warriewood area since starting up and has become a leading dentist in the suburb.

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