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At Smile Doctor we have various teeth straightening procedures to turn your crooked teeth into a straight, beautiful smile.

Teeth Straightening

Invisalign for children and adults

At our dental clinic Mona Vale and the Northern Beaches, we do everything we can to avoid straightening teeth with braces.

Invisalign is an innovative technology to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible to others when you wear them to allow you to straighten your teeth with confidence. You are able to completely remove Invisalign aligners to eat and clean your teeth properly. Invisalign aligners are better for your gum health and help to prevent decay.

Alternative Treatments

1 in 4 patients will require more treatment than Invisalign to achieve straight teeth and if Invisalign is not enough to straighten your smile, we have other options to get you there.
We can provide other removable orthodontic appliances or refer you to our recommended orthodontists to get braces.

At Smile Doctor we want to provide you with choices to find what teeth straightening method will work for you.

Orthodontic Treatment for Growing Smiles

One way to avoid crooked adult teeth is to start planning orthodontic treatment for your child. Ignoring your child’s crowded teeth as a teenager means that they will require more orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Crooked teeth and bite problems are not only bad for your child’s confidence but can result in strained neck vertebrae, or poor posture alignment. It also means that they are more likely to develop snoring and sleep apnoea issues as an adult, if they do not suffer from it already. Sleep problems resulting from airway distortions caused by crooked teeth and narrow jaws can cause children to have difficulty learning and paying attention, and to become hyperactive towards the end of the day. Your child’s attempt to adapt to breathing problems will also negatively affect their posture.

In some cases if orthodontic treatments are not started early the damage can be irreversible later on in life.

One option we do suggest to prevent the need for braces later on in life is Myobrace, a treatment which is made up of a series of removable orthodontic appliances that only have to be worn for a couple of hours during the day and over night while your child is sleeping.

At Smile Doctor we want to avoid more extreme orthodontic treatment in the future and so after a thorough examination of your child’s mouth we will suggest the best plan to:

  • Straighten teeth and create space in the mouth
  • Align the jaw
  • Fix muscular abnormalities

Children’s Interceptive Orthodontics

Crooked teeth as a child always end up crooked as an adult, just worse. But there’s more important stuff at risk than a nice smile.

Crooked teeth come from distortions of the jaw, which can lead to facial asymmetry and distortion. If growth is allowed in a distorted pattern, it may not be able to be “undone”. Crooked teeth and bite problems will strain neck vertebrae, and can affect your child’s posture, all the way to their feet.

Crooked teeth are typically associated with narrow jaws and poor breathing. A narrow, restricted airway can impact on your child’s ability to sleep properly at night, leaving your child tired, with difficulty concentrating and often hyperactive towards the end of the day. A child’s attempts to adapt to these breathing problems can also affect your child’s posture in an unhealthy way.

Just do a simple check and look in whilst your child is sleeping. They should have their mouth closed and lips sealed.

If needed, we prefer to see orthodontics carried out in two phases. The first phase is our “interceptive” part and involves correcting the jaw discrepancies at an early age, before they affect other skeletal development. Treatment is aimed at enhancing room for permanent teeth, which will improve a child’s breathing if they had crowded teeth. This process often means your child can avoid tooth extractions or even braces, but some teeth straightening in a second phase may be required.

An orthodontic assessment is a critical part of your child’s exam at Smile Doctor.

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