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CAD – CAM comes to dentistry! CEREC is an amazing computer tool used to create long lasting, strong ceramic inlays, crowns and onlays.

A word of warning. Please note our use of the crude word “tool”. Like any tool, the outcome is dependent on the person operating it, and of course the preparation that has been made. So not every CEREC is the same, and the outcome totally depends on the skill of the clinician.

Research has proven excellent clinical longevity. CEREC restorations have one of the highest long term success rates of all dental restorations.

And of course, because its ceramic, its friendly to surrounding tooth structure, it is cosmetic and biologically acceptable.

If you’d like to see the CEREC in action, visit our leading dentist in Mona Vale, Warriewood, Newport, and the northern beaches. Contact us here.

How does it all happen?

Once the tooth has been prepared, instead of an impression being taken, we use CEREC to take several three dimensional picture of the tooth. This is like having camera pictures taken of your teeth. These images are used to create a three dimensional computer image, and the dentist can often plan the new restoration on screen right in front of you.

Once the planning is complete, it can be sent to an on site milling machine to be fabricated.

Once fabricated, the piece of milled ceramic is detailed, fitted and bonded into the tooth, all within a few hours!


3D X Ray



Invisalign is the world’s leading brand of aligners. Traditional braces can be replaced by a series of thin clear trays, which, when fitted and worn in order gradually move your teeth into the desired alignment.

Here are some of the benefits of this amazing technology:

  • See the end before the start – watch your teeth change on computer
  • Convenience – you can remove them to eat and clean properly
  • Comfort – no sharp edges, prongs or wires to catch cheeks and jam food
  • Confidence – people hardly notice you are wearing them

If you’ve been told Invisalign is not for you, you might like to visit us for a second opinion. Because with the proper training, Invisalign can treat 75% of people with crooked teeth.

And for convenience, cleansability and comfort, you’d pick Invisalign first time, every time!

See the new Invisalign television commercial!

Check out our dedicated Invisalign website here.

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Laser Therapy

There are many forms of lasers available for a range of dental treatments:

  • Early diagnosis of dental decay
  • Easing pain in muscles and joints
  • Stimulating healing and reducing swelling
  • Removal of small areas of decay without pain, injections or drilling
  • Removal and reshaping of the gums
  • Disinfecting root canals
  • Disinfecting infected gum pockets

Laser treatment can offer you the opportunity of painless treatment without needles, and often a more rapid, comfortable healing after treatment.


Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a newer technique that is used to remove tooth decay – it’s like a mini sandblaster and is used to spray away decay.

During the procedure, a fine stream of particles is aimed at the decayed portion of the tooth. These particles are made of aluminium oxide, which are propelled toward the tooth surface by compressed air that runs through the dental handpiece. Small particles of decay on the tooth surface are removed as the stream of particles strikes them. The particles are then removed using a high speed suction system.

Compared to the traditional drilling method, the advantages of air abrasion are many:

  • The procedure generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibrations
  • It reduces the need for anaesthesia, particularly if the cavity is shallow
  • It leaves much more of the healthy tooth structure behind
  • It leaves the working area relatively dry, which is an advantage during the placement of composite fillings
  • The procedure is relatively simple and quick

Air abrasion is ideal for use in children and others who are fearful of the drill and have minimal decay.


Digital Scanning


Apex measurement


Ozone generator


Sterilisation scanning

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